Rae Dunn Boutique Collection

WANDER Ramekin

$7.00 $5.00

Our newly released WANDER Ramekin from Rae's new SENTIMENT Heritage Collection is the perfect compliment to your entertaining arsenal. 

Did you know? Rae's new stoneware entertaining dishes feature a nostalgic quote or word in Rae’s own handwriting pressed into the transparent, creamy glaze. When displayed together, the plates form a poem. 

"I have always had a penchant for words and handwriting. So much today is communicated digitally that actual handwriting is slowly becoming a lost art. It only makes me want to communicate and create by hand that much more. This tactile collection was inspired by my love of nature and a simpler time. I wanted to evoke an old world charm and nostalgia that are basic to each of us and connect us to our roots. Like a poetic handwritten ink-stained letter you might have found in your grandmother's attic." - Artist Rae Dunn

Product Notes & Dimensions: 

  • Inscribed with WANDER in Rae’s handwriting pressed into a transparent creamy glaze
  • Microwave + Dishwasher Safe
  • Approx. Measurements: 2.5” dia x 1” h
  • Sold in quantities of one

SENTIMENT: From Rae Dunn's HERITAGE Boutique Collection

This newest introduction expands on Rae's HERITAGE Line of modern pieces that are both straightforward and utilitarian; all designed with purpose.

"I value objects that have a history and that can tell a story. I feel that this line truly represents my own personal lifestyle." -Artist Rae Dunn

Each piece from our new Sentiment Collection of stoneware entertaining pieces is inscribed with a nostalgic moment in Rae’s handwriting pressed into its transparent, creamy glaze.