Rae Dunn Boutique Collection

Word Stone Gift Sets by Rae Dunn


Designed by artist Rae Dunn x Magenta in Berkeley, CA. Made of high quality, durable stoneware.

The power of Rae's words and the impact they have are now tangible in her iconic word stone form at California Englished! A universally PERFECT gift for any occasion and a MUST HAVE for anyone that's a serious fan of Rae Dunn's work. 

Why We Love Them: Add daily inspiration + feelings of nirvana to your displays, use them as small gifts, paperweights, or place them on your favorite shelf; the choice is yours.  

"it feels like i have made thousands and THOUSANDS of word stones in my career, but i still love leaving them around the world for people to find. i think the power of a single word can sometimes be more meaningful than an entire sentence." -Rae Dunn

Product Notes & Dimensions:

  • Hand made item
  • Imported
  • Stoneware ceramic sculptures, each with a unique word. 
  • Full set of nine word stones includes:
  • Approx. 2.5”W x 1.25”L x 1.5”H each
  • As each set is made by hand, pieces will vary slightly from one to the next -- they are not expected to be perfect - collectors sometimes refer to this charming style as "perfectly imperfect." No discounts, refunds, or returns will be accepted for variations in finish, shape or style.