Glitterville Studios

Porcelain Silkie Chicken Dolly Poulet Salt & Pepper Shaker Gift Set


Our Glitterville exclusive three-piece porcelain salt & pepper gift set is hand-painted in a creamy glaze and finished in details of robin's egg blue and pure gold. 

Perfect for everyday, spring + summer tiered trays, and even luxe Easter decor. 

ABOUT: DOLLY POULET Dolly (pictured) is a Silkie Chicken owned by Glitterville Studios creator Stephen Brown. Gifted to him by Tori Spelling in Hollywood and originally bred for royalty, Silkies are a type of chicken named for their luxurious fluffy feathers, which feel just like silk and satin. 

Product Notes & Dimensions: 

  • Handmade porcelain 
  • Three pieces; includes egg, dolly, and feathered stand
  • Finished with pure gold details
  • Measures approximately 3.75"