Johanna Parker Design

Johanna Parker White Christmas Nostalgic Santa Platter


Just looking at little Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas' bellowing face makes us want to put our favorite Mariah Carey Holiday tunes on and bake some cookies. Aren't we all just wishing for an old-fashioned Christmas, one that takes us back to the good old days? This classic Santa platter adds the perfect nostalgic flair to your decor; imagine the new family traditions and lasting memories you'll create when you bring this piece out each year. Timeless! Now, pass the cookies, please! 

What We Love About It: The classic, nostalgic Johanna Parker trademark lends perfectly to the holidays. Not only stylish, we also simply love the idea of watching our kids' face light up each year when we pull this cutie out for the season. 

Product Notes & Dimensions:

  • Includes removable ceramic and stainless steel "Santa Hat" spreader
  • Approx. 13" x 9" x 3"
  • Each platter is one-of-a-kind and painted by hand. and yes, as always, you can count on unique variations in each piece; no two will be exactly alike. Minor differences and perfect imperfections may include small nics or variations in the product’s finish.There's something about a handmade piece - whether it's just because of the difference in each one, the way it feels in your hand, or the attention to how it was made - each detail speaks to the people who made it. 

Meet the Artist: Johanna Parker

We're happy to welcome Johanna Parker as one of our featured artists at California Englished!

Known for her mischievous characters with vintage appeal, fan favorites include the grinning black cat, boo-tiful ghosts, Count Dracula the Vampire, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, and of course, her timeless candy corns. Born on Halloween, it’s no wonder that Johanna’s specialty is all things spooky. 

As Johanna continues to grow her playful cast for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, collectors and enthusiasts worldwide have welcomed her pieces into their homes and their own holiday traditions. Today, her collectable works are highly sought after and continue to be infused with the spirit of her original vintage papier-mâché folk art sculptures.