Well Versed by Molly Hatch

C'est la Vie / Joie de Vivre WELL VERSED Vase


Beautifully unique. Those two words sum up this versatile vase. Double-sided with the French sayings "joie de vivre" (zest for life) and "c'est la vie" (that's the life) on the opposite side. 

Did you know? Behind the Art
Inspired by the surface patterns and shapes found in traditional ceramics, these vases act as trompe l’oeil representations—drawings that are vases and vases that are drawings. The unexpected stripe patterns are decorated on the other two surfaces of the vase, and this twist makes the vase even more special and versatile in a variety of different settings​.

Product Notes & Dimensions:

  • Made in Sri Lanka
  • Approx. Dimensions: 11"H
  • Delivered in a beautiful gift box

About the Artist: Molly Hatch

One of our signature California Englished artists, Molly launched her first tableware collection from her home studio in 2010. Her signature blend of 18th century aesthetics with modern whimsy quickly garnered a loyal following, launching her brand into a wide range of modern heirloom pieces for the home. 

Molly draws from the beauty of everyday objects by imagining where each will live. A cake stand may become a marker of birthdays and celebrations. A weekend tote may see countless trips to the farmers market. Their repeated use creates a story to be treasured for generations.