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Candy Corn Salt + Pepper Shaker Set

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Product Notes & Dimensions: 
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    • Estimated Time to Ship: 1-2 business days
    • Sold as a set of two
    • Discounts not applicable on this item
    • Crafted of ceramic/dolomite 
    • By Artist Johanna Parker for Transpac
  • This piece is made by hand and WILL be imperfect - no two will be exactly alike. The "flaws" present in these pieces are not defects, but rather what makes each piece unique and should be expected and celebrated. More below. 

A Note About Johanna Parker Design's Intentional, Vintage Detailing:

Did you know?

No two Johanna Parker Design products are exactly alike – they are not expected to be perfect - collectors sometimes refer to this charming style as "perfectly imperfect." Each is crafted from a lightweight ceramic/dolomite blend with a unique, vintage, time-worn, and "imperfect" finish. To collectors new to JPD designs, this may make them look flawed, although these small imperfections and paint details are inherent to her style and to be expected. Every piece is painted by hand and no two will be exactly alike. As these pieces are intentionally designed with a vintage, retro finish, no refunds, returns, or exchanges for pieces with this technique will be considered. 

As these pieces are intentionally designed and artisan-crafted with this “retro” hand-painted finish, no refunds, returns or exchanges will be
considered due to finish variations.