California Englished

Angela Staehling Enamel Pins


Enamel pins are a unique way of projecting your personality + interests without being that person 😈.

About the Artist

Angela Staehling captures her love of the great outdoors from the evergreen-lined mountaintops to the mossy floors of the wooded forests. Her wanderlust spirit is reflected in her whimsical designs as she paints vignettes of a life worth exploring. A longtime illustrator and surface designer, Angela designs collections of dinnerware, stationary, textiles and other home décor products. She is an active member of her local art community where she serves as an art council member, organizer and promoter of art events and juror. She has designed and taught art programs to communities in need and brought art projects into schools that lack funding for the arts. 

Product Notes & Dimensions:

  • Enamel pin with the phrase HIGH MAINTENANCE or CRAZY PLANT LADY
  • 1.13"W x 1"L