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Johanna Parker Nostalgic Santa Cookie Plate


Johanna Parker Christmas Collection California Englished

Just looking at little Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas' bellowing face makes us want to put our favorite Mariah Carey Holiday tunes on and bake some cookies. Aren't we all just wishing for an old-fashioned Christmas, one that takes us back to the good old days? This classic Santa plate adds the perfect nostalgic flair to your decor; imagine the new family traditions and lasting memories you'll create when you bring this piece out each year. Timeless! Now, pass the cookies, please! 

What We Love About It: The classic, nostalgic Johanna Parker trademark lends perfectly to the holidays. Not only stylish, we also simply love the idea of watching our kids' face light up each year when we pull this cutie out for the season.

Product Notes & Dimensions: