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SENTIMENT Oversized Serving Platter
SENTIMENT Oversized Serving Platter
SENTIMENT Oversized Serving Platter
SENTIMENT Oversized Serving Platter

Rae Dunn Boutique Collection

SENTIMENT Oversized Serving Platter


Our large serving platter is part of Rae's new SENTIMENT Boutique Heritage Collection. Inscribed with "wandering deep into the unkown / far away from the familiar / brings me back to my youth" in Rae’s handwriting pressed into a transparent creamy glaze.

Measuring 14" in diameter, this platter is generously sized to hold everything from a large selection of meats & cheeses to your family's next Thanksgiving turkey. 

Did you know? Rae's new stoneware entertaining dishes feature a nostalgic quote or word in Rae’s own handwriting pressed into the transparent, creamy glaze. When displayed together, the plates form a poem. 

"I have always had a penchant for words and handwriting. So much today is communicated digitally that actual handwriting is slowly becoming a lost art. It only makes me want to communicate and create by hand that much more. This tactile collection was inspired by my love of nature and a simpler time. I wanted to evoke an old world charm and nostalgia that are basic to each of us and connect us to our roots. Like a poetic handwritten ink-stained letter you might have found in your grandmother's attic." - Artist Rae Dunn

Product Notes & Dimensions: 

  • Microwave + Dishwasher Safe
  • Approx. Measurements: 14” dia x 1” h
  • Sold in quantities of one

SENTIMENT: From Rae Dunn's HERITAGE Boutique Collection

This newest introduction expands on Rae's HERITAGE Line of modern pieces that are both straightforward and utilitarian; all designed with purpose.

"I value objects that have a history and that can tell a story. I feel that this line truly represents my own personal lifestyle." -Artist Rae Dunn

Each piece from our new Sentiment Collection of stoneware entertaining pieces is inscribed with a nostalgic moment in Rae’s handwriting pressed into its transparent, creamy glaze.