A Fall & Halloween Order Update from California Englished

A Fall & Halloween Order Update from California Englished

A Halloween & Fall Preorder Update from California Englished:

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to get your Johanna Parker Halloween + Harvest pieces home to you. Our final Halloween delivery of 12 pallets has arrived at our warehouse this afternoon. Fulfillment will continue until every collector has their happy haunts displayed in their homes. If you have placed a Christmas preorder, there has been no change to our anticipated schedule of mid-to-late fall for deliveries. We will not begin shipping Christmas holiday orders until Halloween orders are complete.

Fulfilling your Halloween & Fall preorders is our first priority and has been for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week since we’ve received our first delivery of Johanna Parker Halloween that arrived 2 months behind schedule. We are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to get all Johanna Parker collectors their preorders before Halloween.

How are we doing this? We have flown dads, sisters, aunts, cousins, in-laws, and friends in from around the country to help at our warehouse. We are thankful for our friends & family who have given up their time and energy (not to mention their day jobs) to help fulfill your Halloween orders. 

Behind the Scenes: California Englished Fulfillment

We also want to take this opportunity to apologize for the delays and our soft communication; we are so sorry. We have received your feedback and we hear you, continue to listen, and are learning what your wants and expectations are through this process. We have continued to update orders.californiaenglished.com daily, however we realize that you deserve more and expect more communication. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together this detailed + comprehensive update to provide you with as much information as possible:

Transpac Shipping Updates

In our final delivery this afternoon, we received the remainder of our:

  • Mr. + Mrs. Frank Mug Sets
  • Candy Corn Bowl Sets
  • Candy Corn Mug Sets
  • Candy Corn Salt & Peppers
  • Ghost + Witch Candy Jars
  • Ghost Salt + Pepper Shakers
  • Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Teapots + Teacups
  • Small Candy Bowl Buddies
  • Scarecrow Harvest Shelf Sitters
  • Pumpkin Peeps/Dancing Pumpkin Peeps/Standing Pumpkin Peeps/Parade, etc.

If your order is waiting on these pieces, they have arrived, and fulfillment will begin as soon as we work through quality checking these pieces – quality checking will take at least a few days to complete, as there are literally 1000s of pieces to go through by hand. Shipping will begin after, and is still expected to be complete before Halloween. 

Transpac Pallet Delivery at California Englished

    Pieces that we are not receiving additional units of due to factory cancellations are:

    • Candy Corn Plate Sets
    • Black Cat Salt + Pepper Shakers
    • The remainder of our Tall Standing Candy Buddy Bowls.
    • As we continue fulfilling orders, refunds for these pieces will occur once we run out of the small quantities of these we do still have on hand.

    At least half of the highly coveted and anticipated Ghost + Witch Candy Jars and Ghost Salt + Pepper Shakers we received are not first quality.

    If you ordered 2 Ghost Candy Jars and have only received 1, know that your 2nd piece will be refunded -- at a later date, once we get through Halloween shipments, a discounted, seconds-quality piece will be offered at a discounted price. We want to be fair-minded and ensure each collector gets a shot at receiving at least one Ghost, followed by a potential second piece with 2nd quality flaws. 

    At this time, it looks like there will NOT be enough Ghosts to go around due to factory cancelations and quality concerns. We know this is disappointing news. We are working on going through them as quickly as we can. We know this may be disappointing news -- again, we are doing the best we can with the quality of products we received from the manufacturer. 

    For those of you that are new collectors of pieces produced by Transpac, we also wanted to mention the brown paint on Johanna Parker x Transpac pieces is intentional and meant to be celebrated. These pieces are inspired by vintage Halloween décor; the brown drips and brushstrokes are intended to give each piece a unique + antiqued finish and look. No two pieces will be exactly alike. 

    Bethany Lowe

    All remaining quantities of Johanna Parker Design x Bethany Lowe pieces are anticipated to arrive at our warehouse before Halloween. Once they arrive, fulfillment of those pieces will occur shortly after.

    • Ghostie Stew
    • Batty Baxter
    • Jackie White, Orange, and Green-O-Weens
    • Spooky Tabletop Screens
    • Eavesdrop Tassel Ornaments
    • Magic Catty Jack Lanterns
    • Magic Pumpkinny Lanterns

      Now that we've got product updates out of the way, there are a few more things we'd like to cover:

      At California Englished, we hold ourselves to a very high standard. Sometimes, we do drop the ball – we are human. We have not been able to live up to our normal high standards of getting back to everyone at our typical level as we have focused all our time and energy on fulfilling your orders. The challenges we are experiencing in the industry in regards to global delays have put us at least two months behind, condensing our fulfillment time from months to just a couple of weeks. 

      To address and dispel curiosities and misinformation regarding preorders and our shop:

      • We are not a corporation with a team of employees. We are a team of 2 guys and a handsome pup that do this because we love what we do. We pack, ship, respond to you on all platforms* (more on this below), keep our site updated, photograph and edit our own photos, and quality check each piece. We do miss a chip, craze line, or blemish here and there; with the volume of pieces leaving our warehouse, oversights and human error are bound to occur. 

      • Preorders with us have always been completely optional. It's a service requested by collectors, for collectors, to help you avoid the hassle of the hunt and prevent the need to go from store to store or shop to shop to purchase items. By choosing to opt-in to a preorder, you have committed to purchasing these pieces from us as we ordered the items you chose directly from the manufacturer and reserved them just for you. Cancellations are not accepted on preorder purchases. No exceptions will be considered. As a reminder, you agreed to these terms when you placed your order. 
      • There have been no cancellations of preorders by us due to inability to obtain pieces.
      • We have not sold California Englished and are not initiating outstanding preorder cancellations.
      • Johanna Parker x Transpac Christmas pieces are still on track for fulfillment after Halloween.
      • YES! We DO have additional Halloween inventory that we will add to our shop once every Halloween preorder has been fulfilled. We also anticipate a seconds sale with highly desired and hard-to-find pieces that did not pass our strict quality control standards. 

      Additionally, we support + echo the open letter by Helena from The Primrose Market. The delays, the insurmountable number of daily emails and inquires we receive, the sub-par quality of the pieces showing up at our warehouse, and pieces arriving at big box discount stores put all of us small shops in a binding and disheartening position. On top of this, all of us small shops have had to deal with unreasonable, often abusive and threatening messages from collectors (which we will no longer entertain or respond to). 

      With the volume we have received after the explosion of Johanna Parker popularity this year, we are unable to maintain emails, Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, and phone calls currently, while also fulfilling your orders in a timely manner. We are doing our best to respond to those with damage claims and know that we are combing through messages to get to your inquiries. 

      We understand your excitement and frustrations while waiting for your pieces to arrive. Johanna Parker pieces are modern day heirlooms that are intended to be enjoyed for years to come. While the enjoyment of these pieces may be short lived this Halloween season, we hope you love and share the artistry and personality of these pieces with friends, family, and little ones year after year.

      Thank you so much to the Johanna Parker community for the outpouring of love and support you have shown us through this unique time. We choose to focus on the beauty of kindness and positivity many of you have shown. As we move forward together, we ask for your continued patience as we work to get your Johanna Parker Halloween cuties out to you.

      Our focus is you + delivering on our commitments and promises to you. We appreciate the Johanna Parker community and will continue to work for you, with you.

      Kyle, Jesus + Bruce
      Founders of California Englished